Icekiss launches Zero Sugar Chewing Gum

The brand Icekiss, leader in refreshing candies with 30% market share *, has brought to market Icekiss zero sugar chewing gum in August of 2016, in the Peppermint and Spearming flavors, in packs of five units of 11g.

Icekiss zero sugar chewing gums are different from the other products of the category found in the market for the intense flavor, softness and size – 30% higher. “These combinations of attributes provide greater pleasure in the consumer’s sensory experience,” explains Renata do Nascimento, the company’s vice president.

Also according to the executive, another novelty is that Icekiss sugar zero chewing gums are packaged in a “mini wallet”, easy and fun to carry –  said by teeneagers. The process of developing these new products took two years and covered more than 100 hours of consumer research.

These are the first zero sugar chewing gums launched by Icekiss, a brand of Cory Alimentos, an industry based in Ribeirão Preto, in the state of São Paulo. The new products are imported from Turkey, the world’s largest producer of gums.

About Icekiss

The Icekiss brand came on the market in 1979, and six years later launched the famous packs in their packaging that became one of the largest cases in the candy industry. To learn more, click here.