ICEKISS Azedinha Expands its Portfolio with New Chewing Sticks

ICEKISS Azedinha, a pioneer in sour candy flavor joins a new category with innovative products, which are perfect for sales checkout points.

“Balance between sweet and sour” That is how Renata Nasciemnto, the company’s vice president, defines ICEKISS Azedinha advantage when compared to similar products. The result can be shown in numbers. “7 in 10 consumers prefer ICEKISS Azedinha according to researches.” ICEKISS is a market leader in sour chewing candies.

“We are always in touch with consumers. They have asked for the product because they like it a lot. A Stick offers many options: easy to carry and share”, points out Ricardo Fernandes, Marketing Manager.

The release involves 3 flavors: Strawberry, Grape and Lime.