ICEKISS Innovates with No Sugar Chewing Gum

ICEKISS expands Chewing Gum Line with Pay 5 Get 7 Pack.

“Offering more product without impacting price” says Renata Nascimento when presenting ICEKISS new Chewing Gum Line. One more time, listening to consumers, the brand attends its public needs, offering more for the same price. “We have got in touch with young shoppers and asked why they are not happy with the chewing gums they have available. They have answered that it crumbles while chewing, it is small, it comes in small quantity and ends up fast. The chewing gum that has been released in the 80’s is not cool anymore, it does not reach their expectations” adds Renata.

Innovations do not stop in product’s quantity but also in new flavors Watermelon and ENERGY+, an exclusive flavor, and the best sellers flavors Mint and Spearmint. All together, these products will strengthen sales points and checkout points.