ICEKISS brings great news and innovates with flow pack candy filled with gum

Paying attention to the market and the consumer, the leader brand in hard candy brings to the market a new and exclusive portfolio of Flow pack Candy filled with gum.

ICEKISS candy Energy+, a complete success in sales points, has new mates: Mint and Tutti-Frutti (the best sold products in bubble gum category). These news are also extended to ICEKISS Azedinha that receives two champion flavors of the brand: Strawberry and Grape. Products can be found in leading sales points in 17oz bags.

With 25% filling and a package developed to make an impact in sales points, it is certain these products’ success.

“The construction of a product goes under a careful look of market evaluation that goes through consumers’ demands and attractiveness to sales. This product is 100% into those needs” – sums up Ricardo Fernandes, company’s Marketing Manager.

“We have got in touch with consumers to reach the best insights that meet their needs and we have achieved a product that, according to them, has a perfect shape when it comes to fitting to the mouth, providing a great experience during the consumption” – adds up Elaine Furlan, Cory’s Research and Development Manager.

Along with these releases ICEKISS brand begins a promising releasing cycle during 2019, filled with opportunities.