It’s not only delicious foods that come out of Cory’s ovens.
It’s also joy and fun

The phrase of Mr. Nelson, founder of Cory, couldn’t be any happier. After all, our products mean a lot more than consumer items. How many romances began with the messages in Icekiss wrappers? How many friendships were strengthened with Hipopó, the friend of children? How many afternoons of laughter among friends included Chita candies? Every moment of joy that Cory was a part of, is what has driven us this far and will continue driving us in the future.

We go back to March 1968, in the town of Lins, where Mr. Nelson left behind the comfort and stability of his job at a large company to follow his dream of running his own business.

It started with the Bengala Bakery, which soon made the inhabitants of the friendly town in São Paulo state to indulge in products made with tender loving care.

The business thrived. In 1969, the company officially called Indústria de Produtos Alimentícios Cory was founded, the pride and joy of so many people who have been and still are part of that family.
A lot has changed since 1969. The technology we use to produce our delicious snacks, the number of brands that are part of our family, our innovations on the market, and many other things. What doesn’t change is our essence – doing everything we do thinking about people. Always with love, integrity and unity.