Overcoming Obstacles

Founder of Cory receives industrial award of the year, after striking history of overcoming

The businessman Nelson do Nascimento Castro, founder and president of Cory, received in May the title of Industrial of the Year, in honor of the Municipal Council of Ribeirão Preto. The choice was made by the associates of the Ciesp (Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo) in conjunction with the regional boards of Senai (National Service of Industrial Learning) and Sesi (Social Service of Industry). Castro was known not only for building a successful company that started with a bakery and now competes with large multinational companies, but also for reversing a complex bankruptcy case. In the early 2000s, in the midst of a difficult time in the Brazilian economy, Cory filed for bankruptcy (formerly known as the current judicial reorganization) and, quite unexpectedly, was declared bankrupt by the courts only 12 days after the expiration of the first installment of the composition. As a result, the industry was closed for four months. He lost credit and a lot of money, had his brands “cloned”. Just did not lose faith and hope, recalls the businessman. He went through a long and difficult judicial recovery process. But with efficient management, courage and resilience, Castro has not only reversed bankruptcy but once again has been a successful company, keeping hundreds of jobs and opportunities. “We learned a lot on this journey. We discovered that integrity is the greatest of our values ​​and a company without creativity does not make any difference “, says the honoree.

Source: http://docerevista.com.br/volta-por-cima/