Cory chocolate sticks are now in a new pack!

Cory sticks have a new look! With lots of chocolate and crunchiness, Cory sticks are perfect for any time of the day, be it for school or work.  Veja mais

The Quero Quero brand arrives with another novelty on the market!

The new chewable candies from Quero Quero bring the traditional and delicious brazilian flavor for your day. Veja mais

Quero Quero Buttery Notes

For 40 years in the market, Quero Quero brand is with a delicious novelty!

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Honey bread now in new packaging with 10 units

Cory’s Dimel Bread (honey bread) has changed and is new, its package now has 10 units and is the only one with 3 flavor options: milk chocolate, brigadeiro and white chocolate. Veja mais

ICEKISS Azedinha Expands its Portfolio with New Chewing Sticks

ICEKISS Azedinha, a pioneer in sour candy flavor joins a new category with innovative products, which are perfect for sales checkout points.

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Charitable Christmas – Cory Collaborators become real life “Santa” and accomplish social actions

Taking advantage of the best vibes that Christmas times bring, Cory Industry has gathered all employees into a noble action: doing good! Veja mais

ICEKISS Brings New Concept with ICEKISS ENERGY+ Line

Leader in candy market innovates in a market share that is a big promise for the next few years.

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Cory launch Dimel whole grains biscuit, made with Real honey

Along the growing demand for healthier meals, Cory releases its newest product in Whole Grains Cookies Line, Dimel in 2 different flavors.
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