We welcome Family at Home!

Still celebrating its 50 anniversary, Cory team has prepared a great event to welcome customers in Ribeirão Preto, where is established the company’s head office.

Many customers, from different places around the country, have had the opportunity of getting to know and visit two Cory factories: in Ribeirão Preto –SP and Arceburgo – MG and being part of several activities and businesses’ opportunities. The event began with the lecture “The Hippo’s flight” given by the president of Cory Food Industry, Nelson do Nascimento Castro. Followed by a welcoming cocktail party held at the top floor of Wyndham Garden Hotel. On the next day, the company’s vice-president, Renata Nascimento has presented 14 releases in DPC, Chewing Gums and Cookies. “Innovations is in Cory’s DNA! The company has been through different situations and some crisis moments but it has never stopped innovating” – Just like that, the presentation comes to its end and arouses enthusiasm in the public.

During a visit to the factory, everybody had the opportunity of knowing Teaching and Culture Cory Institute (ICEC), a project that benefits more than 200 children and is maintained with resources that come from Cory and partners. “In this event I have had the exquisite opportunity of getting together three families I belong to: My blood family, my heart family, which embraces employees and business partners that have helped transforming Cory in what it is today and, above all, my ICEC children, who bring nothing but happiness into my life” – says Nelson do Nascimento Castro in a very emotional moment for all the attendants. At last, the event’s closure was very exciting and has taken place in one of the most famous craft beer houses from Ribeirão Preto, the Walfenger. The party was filled with fun, music, great food and, last but not least, a huge cake to celebrate Cory’s 50th anniversary.