Project: Masks of Good

In this delicate moment we are living, Cory has joined volunteers with the objective of helping health professionals to go through this phase more safely through the Masks of Good project.

The partnership arose from the need to expand the core of the masks, and Cory offered its workforce together with volunteers who offered material for making the masks.

All production of the Masks of Good project will be destined to health professionals of SAMU and Ribeirão Preto City Hall.

The Masks of Good Project also counts with the support of the Community of Arceburg and with the donations of the company OUSEUSE Lingerie of Miss Rosana Marques.

Supporters of the Project:

ACI Ribeirão Preto, Municipal Department of Health of Ribeirão Preto, Municipal Education Department of Ribeirão Preto, Sports Department of Ribeirão Preto, Senai Ribeirão Preto, School Celso Charuri and the Municipal Social Fund.